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we are mourning the loss of an american legacy. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. you see the flag flying there at half-staff. ted kennedy, the last brother of camelot lost his battle with brain cancer overnight. >> his family tale of triumph and tragedy is long and historic. tom fitzgerald joins us with a look at his life and legacy. >> reporter: it is far from any secret over the past year, that senator kennedy had less time ahead of him than he had in the past. the final chapter is still being written today as america debates the issue of health care that he fought for right up until the end of his life. born on february #nd, 19 # 2, edward kennedy was the youngest of joe and rose kennedy's nine children but he was des tipped
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to step from the shadows and lead the kennedy clan through both good times and bad. when john f. kennedy was elected, ather joseph p. kennedy knew who should replace him n 1962, kennedy won a special election and with go on to be re-elected eight times. the kennedy family had its share of tragedy. assassination haming the lives of john f. kennedy in 1963 and robert kennedy in 1968. accolades are going on from around the nation. we will hear from many people who have looked back at 47 years in the united states septa that senator ted kennedy has served. >> we'll have much more throughout the morning.
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let's get a check on the forecast this morning with tucker barnes. >> we have nice comfortable conditions out there. currently 72 degrees. we will have more heat than yesterday with highs in the u l 90s. still not expecting any showers and thunderstorms. you can see that acrossssthe area, we continue to see very nice conditions. high pressure is ruling the area a this hour andaa cold front welthe north and west, that really won't start to make its presence felt until tomorrow. a very quiet one although it will be hot later this afternoon as mentioned with highs in the 90s. 72 at reagan national. wind are out of the south and west at five miles per hour. let's take a look at that forecast. as you t eth e door, expect hot temperatures by later this afternoon. 91 here in washington. 92 la plata. 9 # in fredericksburg. let's get to julie wright with
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a look at our on-time traffic. good morning. >> good morning to you. no accidents reported right now. the lanes are open if you are traveling the top setch of the play between college pack and bethesda. no problems reported coming across the american legion bridge. light traffic volume, both the uner and outer loop between tyson and bethesda. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the late senator ted kennedy made health care reform the focal point of his career which spanned several decades. this morning, the debate over health care continues. congressman jim moran held an explosive town hall meeting last into in reston, virginia. as many as 3,000 people argued t got owe rowdy that some
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people were escorted out. >> dispel the myths, inform the constituents, tryit hear from them so we have a good sense of where at least my constituency stands on this critical issue. >> congressman moran was joined by cohost howard dean who has written a book offering his prescription for fixing america's health care system. the white house has made staggering prediction about the national deficit. turns out it will be $2 trillion more than originally thought. ton years from now, the national debt will equal four of the u.s. economy. president obama says he wants the man in charge of the federal reserve to keep his job for another four years. the president took time out from his vacation in massachusetts to say ben bernanke has guided the country through the worst economic crisis since the depression. bernanke says he will work to
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proviewed a strong foundation for growth and stability in the current economy. class confusion in bridge county could stretch until the end of the week the a computer glitch caused a scheduling slip- up and the new scale year started with hundreds of students sitting in the -- the new school year started with hundreds of studes sitting in the auditorium. i. a baby-sitter and the child she cared for ended up in the hospital. a man attacked both of them yesterday. neighbors say the man rented a room from the baby sit are. est upset over a break-up with his girlfriend and stabbed the woman and two-year-old girl. a bloody trail led police to the man. chris brown learned his fate for beating his ex-
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girlfriend rihanna and he will serve part of that sentence in virginia. a small plane fliedz into washington's restricted air space. why this scare left officials with some deja vu. we are coming back right after the break. 
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chris brown has learned his fate for beating rihanna. he has been sentenced for five years of probation and 180 days of physical labor for the incident back in february and he has to stay away from rihanna for the next five years and complete a one-year domestic violence program. he will be able to seven his sentence in the home state of virginia but he has to check in with a judge in california every three months. the half brother to jacqueline kennedy onassis is in trouble this morning. he has been indicted on felony charges of encouraging child abuse in oregon. he is accused of possessing and duplicating images of child pornography. a student pilot learned the hard way to stay out of d.c.'s restricted air space. he flew a small cessna within 10 miles of reagan national airport. that is a no-no. just after #:00 yesterday afternoon, two u.s. coast guard
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helicopters intercepted the pilot and safely escorted the pilot. he was on a first-ever cross- country flight and was lost. there was a big bust at bwi. check this out. it is a bra that olice said provided more than support for sofia williams. the officers found more than two pounds of cocaine stuffed inside the bra. officers made the discovery when the suspect went through customs after returning from jamaica. it is another loss for the kennedy family and the country. senator ted kennedy passed away last night at the age of 77. we'll have more on his life and legacy when we come back after the break. >> we continue to follow the traffic and your forecast. >> another nice start to the day. we have temperatures out there in the upper 60s and low 70s. it will be another hot one. i'll let you know how hot and julie wright will be in with your on-time traffic right after the break.
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as the political world mourns the loss of senator ted kennedy, one of the wiggest focal point of his career, health care, remains at the forefront. yesterday's rowdy town hall meeting was proof that his passion lives on. >> sarah simmons is joining us live with the latest on the health care debate and senator kennedy's tireless efforts for change. >> reporter: ever since senator kennedy was diagnosed with cancer late last year it has sidelined him. one of his final appearances being last year in the senate. he cast a vote to break a republican filibuster. you may remember that the bill that was going to block medicare payments to doctors. so health care is something that senator kennedy has been
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working on his entire year. health care reform is something he has been pushing since 1966. he has been pushing for a national health care system. in 1996, he even co-sponsored legislation that would strengthen federal privacy laws to protect personal health information, otherwise known as hipaa to many people across the country. representative patrick kennedy was also mentioned last week that his father had been very frustrated that he had been absent from this health care debate, something that has been a hot topic around the country in town hall forums that in many cases have developed into shouting matches even here locally in reston, virginia. congressman jim moran hold august standing room only town hall debate what is that turned into in a gym that was meant to hold just 2500 people. there were people there who were for and against a government takeover of health care that has been talked
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about. and also a doctor and former vermont governor howard dean also a cohost of that meeting. he and moran both spoke last night. >> the voices of the american people should not be violenced, particularly on an issue -- should not be silenced, particularly on an issue as important as this. >> a lot of debate in this case is about change. you never make real changes until the pain of staying the same exceeds the fear of change. >> reporter: now, even today, an even earlier this week, senators just talking about how this debate would have been so much different over health care had senator kennedy been able to participate so much. republican senator john mccain mentioning that just this past sunday. also senate majority leader harry reid from the democrats saying that democrats will rededicate to the causes for
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which he so duetfully dedicated his life. back to you. >> thank you so much. tucker is back with another check on our forecast. yesterday warmed up but the huge was low which made it tolerable. >> tolerable? it was beautiful. >> tolerable is not a bad word. >> it indicates that maybe it was less than perfect. i would say it was pretty close to perfected. >> i to agree.ldu eav age. . enjoyed beng iousi det d >>ay esl tolerable. we'll be in the low 90s this afternoon. we wllwi denlith wiheat heat around here a little later this afternoon. 72-degree at reagan national and -- 72 degrees at reagan national and 70 at dulles and up in baltimore. 66 in frederick and 69 in winchester. beautiful start to the day. should be awe nice, sunny,
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bright day today. we'll just be dealing with more heat. a very quiet satellite-radar. not a lot happening. cold front off to the north and west. it is really a weak one. by the time it gets in here, in will barely make its presence felt. maybe some showers and thunderstorms late in the day tomorrow and some big changes as we get into the weekend. for today, not a bad-looking day. we have high pressure out there. that will deliver a very nice- looking day. the humidity will stay in check for the first part of the day. i think that humidity will start to creep up ahead of that cold front. for this afternoon, just a great-looking forecast. a lot of sunshine out there and hot with high temperatures back into the low 90s. here we go a hot afternoon, high temperature about 91 degrees. tonight, partly cloudy and a bit more humid. 70 for an overnight low. here is your five-day forecast. let's talk about the changes.
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tomorrow, 87. late day showers and thunderstorms. friday, saturday and sunday, we'll have a combination of a sad and lonely cold front which will hang out across the area. the weekend weekend looks unsettled with temperatures cool being upper 70s and low 80s. that will do it for your forecast. let's get right to on-time traffic with julie wright. >> they're still busy dealing with an accident off the ram of from northbound ken all worth avenue to head outbound on route 50. at last check, authorities were still there dealing with that crash. very little delay since it is early in the morning. not a lot of traffic in that area. it is again the rush hour flow. coming inbound on kenilworth avenue, your lane are open continuing out towards pennsylvania avenue. if you are traveling the top stretch of the beltway, the lane are open between college park and bethesda. no accidents reported now south along 270. all lane are open as you travel from clarksburg. light traffic volume along
5:20 am
great seneca highway and 118. 355 still good for go trying to work your way into clarksburg. the lane are open in each direction across the american legion bridge n virginia, the pace not so bad right now. this is a live shot of northbound 95 at 7100 out in newington. all of your lanes are open as you continue up to the capital beltway. no accidents to report right now at the wilson bridge traveling between alexandria and oxon hill. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. metro is back up to speed following a small fire which caused some delays last night t happened on the red loon near the end of yesterday evening's rush hour. metro says an insulator caught fire. train has to single track between friendship heights an the grosvenor station. nobody was hurt. a local family that lost a loved one in the deadly metro crash this summer is suing t transit agency. cameron william was one of nguyen people killed in the june accident. his mother and brother filed a $25 million wrongful death lawsuit.
5:21 am
they claim metro was negligent because it didn't update the trains following other accidents. metro is not commenting on the penning lawsuit. the family is also suing the company that make metro's automatic control system. swine flu and u.s. troops. the military's plans to try to prevent any outbreaks up next on fox 5 morning news. a move from the u.s. has hugo chavez cutting ties with colombia. why he says his country could be threatened. fox 5 morning news returns right after the break. yeah, no it's great. i eat anything that i want. key lime pie, pineapple upside down cake, raspberry cheesecake... ... yeah, every night is something different. oh, yeah yeah... ... she always keeps them in the house. no, no, no. i've actually lost weight... i just have a high metabolism or something... ...lucky. babe...
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more deadly violence in afghanistan. 41 people were killed and dozens more hurt when five car bombs exploded at the same time in kanhar. the blast destroyed the offices of a japanese construction company where many pakistani engineers work and damaged dozens of nearby buildings. kandahar is considered the spiritual home of taliban extremists. four u.s. troops were killed in an attack in southern afghanistan. the taliban has a new leader. two of the pakistani taliban leader's top commanders confirm. the former leader was killed in a cia air strike earlier this month. venezuela's president hugo chavez says he is cutting diplomatic ties with colombia. why? because the country plans to give u.s. troops greater access to its military bases. chavez says that pose as a
5:25 am
threat to venezuela. the deal would let the u.s. military increase its presence at seven colombian bases through a 10-year lease. now, american troops fighting overseas have more armor in their fight against swine flu. the fda has authorized using a swine flu test for the troops in case of an imagine that. would allow the military to more quickly diagnose and treat the virus. the big story across the nation this morning, the passing of an american political icon. >> senator ted kennedy of mass has has lost his battle with bin cancer. we are live with a detailed lo andfes ac l a bewe ht'll ig r back. where getting a ig new vehicle is easy. because the price on the tag is the price you pay. you'll find low, straightforward pricing on remaining '08 and '09 models. including eight that offer an epa-estimated 30 miles per gallon nlohighway or better. like this '09 malibu 1lt with an epestimated 33 mpg
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a view from tower cam high above wisconsin avenue in northwest d.c. this morning. another comfortable start to the day. kind of like we had yesterday. >> not bad. >> not a bad looking start to the day. we have low humidity, temperatures generally in the 60s and low 70s to start the day. it will be hot this afternoon. yesterday, middle 80s for afternoon highs. today, low 90s. then we're done with the 90s for a while. >> then it looks like it will cool off. >> we've got some fall-like weather coming. >> that would begreat. >> we build the graphics here
5:29 am
in the weather center. we have fancy tires and tinted windows. the kids have no weather worries this morning as you head out the door. our forecast consisting of some humidity, 81% and temperature wind out of the south and west at about three miles per hour. ar. d oue satellit radar. there is not a lot h ews for us. you can see quiet conditions. and ds off for the nort west back towards ohio and michigan. that is a cold front which will get in here tomorrow. we still have another day before we have any chance for showers and thunderstorms. it will be hot today with high temperatures back into the low 90s. so this forecast will eventually get very warm out there. hot afternoon with highs in the low 90s. mostly sunny skies. very quiet afternoon. >> sounds good. thank you. let's check in with julie oncegain at 5:30. >> we don't have julie. we'll check in with her a little bit later on. in the meantime, the other big story that we are following
5:30 am
the is the death of senator ted kennedy. >> the liberal lion of the count who never backed down and never apologiesed for the beliefs that he had passed away overnight. >> he saw both the high and lows that came with an entire lifetime in the spotlight of one of america's most famous families. tom fitzgerald is joining us in the studio with more on the life and time of senator kennedy. >> reporter: senator kennedy's triumphs and tragedies were large but he drew on the rich history of his iconic family as he pushed forward for the causes he held dear. his life was a series of triumphs and losses seen by many as an american version of a greek tragedy belonging to a family that would become political royalty. he lived his entire life in the
5:31 am
public spotlight. it seemed the kennedys had the making of a political dynasty. teddy was elected to the senate in 1962. when asass sanes bull eats stole his brothers away leaving him alone to share the grieving of his family. >> those of us who loved him and would take him to his rest today pray that what he was to us and what he wished for others will some day come to pass for all the world. >> reporter: his own aspirations for the white house were derailed in 1969 when his car plunged off a bridge on chappaquiddick on martha's vineyard killing mary jo
5:32 am
kopechne. >> that tragedy will live with me for the rest of my life, every day of my life. >> an investigation later absolved him of responsibility but question about his character would follow him an haunt his political ambitions for the nation's highest office. >> today, i formally announce that i am a candidate for president of the united states. >> reporter: despite that, kennedy decided to throw his hat into the 1980 presidential race going up against jimmy carter. he lost his bid for the whitehouse but gave a spirited speech at the convention. >> the work goes on. the cause endures. the hope still lives and the dream shall never die. >> reporter: his run for the presidenciy over, he returned to washington to become known as quote, the lion of the senate. his private life became fodder for the cab lloyds inform 1982
5:33 am
after 24 years of marriage, he was divorced frohis wife joan. in 1991-rbg his nephew, william kennedy smith was charged with raping awe woman at the family's palm beach etate. kennedy's once stellar reputation was beginning to wayne inform 1992-rbgs he became involved in a relationship that would change his life forever. he married victoria reg gift e, a divorced mother of two and those close to the senator said he had finally found the happiness and peace he had sought for so long. he began to repair his tattered reputation fighting for the social issues he believed in like universal health care. despite never winning the white house, he remained an ardent supporter for others seeking the presidency an endorsed
5:34 am
program early in the campaign comparing the illinois senator to his late brother john. >> he is tough fine the but has an uncommon capacity to appeal to the better angels of our nature. i am proud to stand with him here today and offer my help, offer my voice, offer my energy, my commitment to make barak obama the next president of the united states. >> reporter: in may 2008, he suffered a seizure at his cape cod home and was diagnosed with a malignant brawn tumor. kennedy contributed more than 300 bills in the senate that were eventually signed into law playing a key part in legislation outlining immigration reform, ealmost a nation of apartheid, aids care, education and most noticeably health care. hi triumphs often overshadowed by those of his brother, he nonetheless carried his own legacy, one of the longest serving senators in u.s. history. senator kennedy last and at the
5:35 am
white house during president obama's health care round table telling those that he looked forward to being a foot soldier in the bat toll provide universal health care and we both know that battle that ted kennedy fought for so many year is still going on today in the white hot town hall meeting that we are seeing across the country. it is a remarkable convergence of the end of life and the continue waight of his battle. >> the other thing too, i was thinking about while we were listening to your story is that senators on the other side of the aisle respected him for his beleafs and there was that old- fashioned cam rade even on opposite ends of the spectrum. >> the one thing that people who knew senator kennedy said the most was yes, he had the reputation as the liberal lion but ted kennedy was above all things pragmatic. he knew how to reach across the aisle to the republican circle an get the votes he needed and operate in a way in that senate
5:36 am
that he was not just successful because he was a liberal. he was successful because he knew wheand how to retch out to republicans. one of the people he did a lot of business with was with ronald reagan. you could for the find two more polar opposites in the political spectrum but at the end of day, they did find ways an points they could work together on. >> thank you so much. and on the state level in virginia, resident will soon have to choose a new state leader. the gubernatorial race continues to heat up. up next on fox 5 morning news, the new pitch is for the candidates and where you expect to see them including right here on fox 5 later today. >> creigh deeds will be here later on. and then cash for clufngers w busineinto big ssor one unexpected group, thieves. we'll have that full story straight ahead. (mom) for just $9, you can get them shoes
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nasa will have to try again maybe try to send the space shuttle over toy into outer space. the launch was scrubbed twice yesterday. if it does not fly by sunday, the launch will have to be pushed back to octobeto allow japan and russia to occupy the space station. the city standery, virginia with a new police chief now. the former chief resigned after getting busted for dui. the new chief is earl cook the first african-american chief in
5:40 am
the 200-year history. he credited his parent for his success. >> together with my mom, they provide the foundation that allowed seven children to have a loving, enriched and successful start in life as we grew up in public housing. they gave me the confidence to dream that one day i could defind my own destiny. >> chief cook has spent decades on the force. he is known as i kind and compassionate officer. virginia's candidates for governor are hoping to lure in voters by taking to the airwaves. republican bob mcdonnell focuses on jean jobs in his ad. he pitches a set of energy policy initiatives that he says will bring new jobs to the state. his democratic challenger is getting help from president obama. state senator creigh deeds released a new radio ad featuring the president. in it, the president praises him for his willenningness to embrace change and calls hum
5:41 am
him a reel leader. he will join us live at 7:00 to talk about the issues p. when we come back, a check on weather and traffic coming up next. graphic and disturbing is how some people are describing a new video warning people about texting while driving. some think the video goes too far. we'll talk about it. (announcer) get our best back to school prices... the jcpenney lowest prices of the season sale. all arizona tops and bottoms are buy e, get one for 88¢ plus, save on denim at amera's biggest athletic shoes are $38.99 all bath towels are buy one, get one for 88¢ plus, night and day doorbusters
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so the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the treatment shall never die. >> ten senator ted kennedy's el quest speech at the 1980 temptic convention. this morning, america is mourning the man known as the liberal li. >> senator ted kennedy has lost his battle with brain cancer. he was 77 years old. >> we will have much more on his life and legacy throughout the morning. tucker is in with another check on our weather. watching the drop you bes. >> we have a tropical disturbance which could plaa part in our eather. the jury is werth the jury is out on isth one. the computer m se edcid d ededd lil wo. g
5:45 am
72 will go. 72 right now. 70 in both baath and out at dulles. a little warmer here to our south and east. owe someone city is 7 #. the cool weather off to the north and west is 66. winchesteat this hour. a nice-hooking start to the day. very comfortable. humidity is in check here and it will be for much of the day. today will be hot. -- 70 in both baltimore and out at dulles. winchester is # 9 at this hour. a nice-looking start to the day. cold front off to the north an west -- winchester is 69 at this hour. uncreasing chances for rain as we get into the afternoon and evening tomorrow. today look great.
5:46 am
let's show you the tropical disturbance. it has wind gusts to about 06 miles per hour. the thinking that this will become a tropical depression being perhaps a tropical storm. if it does, it will be danny. but it is tracking off to the west-northwest and the continue pewter models continue to want to bring it generally in the direction of outer banks of north carolina by about friday. where it goes from there, we have to see. it could impact our beaches this weekend and even here in washington, it is possible we'll get enhanced rainfall associated with this tropical disturbance as we get into saturday and sunday. our forecast looks good. high temperature 91 degrees here in washington. wind out of the west at about five miles per hour. tonight, we'll get partly cloudy. you will notice the humidity
5:47 am
increasing overnight. that will do it for your forecast. let's get to our on-time traffic. there she is, miss julie wright. >> if you are traveling to and from the wilson bridge right now leaving maryland into virginia, that is where we received word of a stalled car blocking the left lane of the local laes. that is coming from maryland into virginia notch accidents on the outer loop. head up as you travel out of the oxon hill. better news downtown. stent at the end of the ramp from kenilworth avenue to go outbound on route 50, all of that activity has cleared as well. new york avenue runs smoothly from northeast to northwest with no incidents to report. the trip along 66 still uneventful for those continuing in from nutley street to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. let's take a look at the markets right now. on wall street, the dow gained
5:48 am
30 points yesterday. the nasdaq jumped six n tokyo, the nikkei shot up 142. car buyers aren't the only ones taking advantage of the cash for clungers program. now that that is over, thieves or the prowl. fitzgerald auto mall is just one of the dealers holding on to the cloppingers until the government issues reimbursement checks for the $4,500 rebate. thieves have ripped off radios, seats, taillights and wheels from severle of that you are cars. this controversial new public service announcement is getting hundreds of hits on- line. the ad drives home the message texting while driving can kill. the video is so graphic, there is a lot we can't show you. fox 5's karen gray houston talked to parents and teens
5:49 am
about this. >> reporter: learning to drive is an important thing to t rsnate,geil ke most teenagers is never too far from her cell phone. we showed her the texting while driving video. >> you can't stop some people from doing it. they will always do it. just like they drink and drive. >> reporter: the psa is a shocking attention grabber but would it really scare young teen drivers enough to stop them from texting while driving. the owner of the driving school chain thinks it might have a different effect. >> could it terrorize them as far as wanting to drive? possibly. >> reporter: moore says this video is much more dramatic than the drunk driving films they stopped showing teenaged students because they didn't
5:50 am
seem to have any effect. >> they would show accident scenes of people covered in a blanket. of course is after the fact. >> reporter: this parent thinks the video might have more of an up pact if kids didn't see it as a message from adults. >> you have to financed a couple of teens on board and they have to promote it. >> reporter: that parment says teenagers never think anything is going to happen to them until it does. she suggests the use of new media like facebook and twitter to get the message out that texting while driving can be diddly. if you want to see the entire video, can you. you can go it our web site and make a comment on it. we want to hear from you at the redskins are gearing up for their final preseason home game on friday. >> the nats are back on the road. we have your highlights coming up next in today's ossports breakfast. stay with us. fox 5 morning news is coming back after the break. 
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there is a new millionaire in south carolina. solomon jackson, jr. of columbia stepped up. hehit last week's powerball jackpot worth nearly # 60 million. the new lottery winner stepped into the limelight to pick up that fat check yesterday. jackson did not reveal if he is taking the lump sum or the annual payments but he did have this to say. >> it is not going to change me
5:54 am
because i'm already retired and a got a good income and god has blessed me. i won't do a bunch with it. >> i'm pretty sure it would change me. powerball is played in 30 states and the district of columbia. >> okay. so here is your next chance to become a big winner. nobody hit last night's megamillions. that jackpot has now grown to $325 million. the next drawing is on friday. the redskins hoping for some big win this is year. fearing up for game three of the pre-season. >> dave ross is serving up your sports breakfast this morning. a good wednesday morning to you. on friday, the scun will host their final pre-season home game. they will play one more on the road at jacksonville but i die grease. this test on friday will albright good oned for the skins defense. going up against a couple of guys. that just happens to be tom
5:55 am
brady and there is randy moss. these two hook up early an often every time they play. last year, brady didn't play at all. had a knee injury. randy moss had 69 catches, over 1 how yards, 11 touchdowns without brady so look out for those two. these guys will have a lot of work. they know this will not be an easy test with new england's offense coming. >> you got to love it. one. the eleast receivers of mew time and all time. you got to love it. you got to get ready to go out there and play. we've been talking about it all week. we know how it going to be so we ready to play. >> he is a great receiver. you wanted to bring your a game. the things they've done the last couple of areas gets any defense motivated to go out there and beltway. >> reporter: jim zorn says he is not really concerned but so
5:56 am
far, the first team offense in the two pre-season games, they haven't done a lot. santana moss will be out there friday against new england. jace son campbell not concerned but hopefully they'll move the ball better this week. >> part of winning quarterback play i believe is coming off on to the sideline, regrouping, coming being back in and doing better the next time and he will have the chance to do that. >> we need to come out show we can score some points. we just have to show that. we've been working on it. you know, we worked real hard last week to come out and have a better showing. we did that. >> our nfc brethren up north in philadelphia will trot out michael vick for the first time in thursday's game against the jaguars at lincoln finaial field. coach andy reid said vick will play in the first three quarters of the game. he will play some quarterback and could even be played ad wide receiver and running back. andy reid also said this.
5:57 am
>> i think he is excited to get out there. i'm sure he will have a couple of butterflies with it being a couple years since he's been in. but i think he is excited to get back to doing what he does. >> the nats are back on the road again. last night in the windy city taking on the cubs. it is never easy to one win on the road and never easy to beat the carlos zambrano guy. did we know this? he can hit. that is zambrana taking garrett mark out. we are all tied at one. wait a minute. he would get hammered by the nats' bats on this night. that is josh willingham. that is way, out and gone. then the big-time blow came in the sixth. elime adukes, bases juiced.
5:58 am
not anymore. mets fans know all about that guy. dukes with the grand salami. who says it is hard to win on the road? that will do it for this edition of the breakfast. do join me bright and early tomorrow morning. i will see you then. until then, have i great day. >> thank you. straight ahead in just a few minutes, a draftic move from the u.s. postal service. how it plans to cut costs and survive the ailing economy. stay with us. fox 5 morning news is back at 6:00 in two minutes. ( birds chirping ) ♪
5:59 am
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